About us

Totaljobs.com is one of the UK’s leading jobs websites, attracting over 4.8 million jobseekers every month on the hunt for one of over 90,000 vacancies the site carries at any one time. All of this activity generates over 2.8 million applications a month, cementing totaljobs.com’s strong reputation among recruiters and jobseekers alike. Thousands of recruiters from multinationals to SMES, recruitment consultants to advertising agencies recruit through totaljobs.com, drawing on the regional intelligence gained from having seven offices the length and breadth of the UK.

As a top jobs website, totaljobs.com can provide a wide range of market insight and understanding. The Totaljobs Barometer provides one of the most comprehensive representations of supply and demand in the UK job market – importantly reporting three months ahead of official ONS statistics for which it stands up as a proven forecast. Additionally, we conduct research across a number of our specialist markets such as graduate and public sector.

Totaljobs.com is also a founding partner of The Network, an international alliance of jobs boards, which operates in over 125 countries and has a combined monthly traffic exceeding 130,000,000 unique users. UK recruiters can benefit from a single entry point via totaljobs.com, allowing them to advertise their jobs and source candidates in or from any Network country.

We are part of Totaljobs Group Ltd; the UK’s largest online recruitment company. Comprising seven job boards, together carrying over 200,000 jobs and attract almost 7 million jobseekers every month, generating over 3.3 million applications. The job boards are CareerStructure.com, Caterer.com, Catererglobal.com, CWJobs.co.uk, RetailChoice.com, Salestarget.co.uk and totaljobs.com. Totaljobs Group is owned by StepStone, an operation of Axel Springer Digital Classifieds.

Website Director, John Salt, alongside his team of divisional leads have established themselves as key commentators in the UK media, regularly featuring on the TV and radio as well as in national print titles. Key spokespeople are:

John Salt, Director, totaljobs.com

Mike Booker, Director Public Sector, totaljobs.com

Mike Fetters, Director, Graduate, totaljobs.com