Annual review? Two-thirds of UK workers went without a promotion or pay-rise in 2017

  • Millions of workers ending year feeling ‘unsupported’ by their manager
  • Half of workers looking for new roles during working hours
  • Only 1 in 8 workers ‘fully engaged’ in their role
  • 54% admit obsessive clock-watching

TUESDAY 19TH DECEMBER 2017 – LONDON, UK – Millions of UK workers are ending the calendar year feeling demotivated and unchallenged by their work according to figures released today.

The research, released by leading jobs board totaljobs, found that the majority of UK workers have gone through the calendar year without their endeavours being acknowledged.

Over two-thirds (68%) of workers have said they haven’t received a pay rise or a promotion in the past 12 months. Set against a backdrop of increased inflation and rising interest rates, it isn’t hard to see how UK workers have come to become demotivated with their lot in 2017.

It is clear that many workers’ frustrations go beyond the pure financial. Two-thirds (67%) of workers complained that they didn’t feel like their ideas were being heard. 58% of employees claimed that they hadn’t received any additional training throughout 2017 and over half (54%) admit that they obsessively ‘clock-watch’ during the working day.

Indeed, the research which spoke to over 5,000 UK employees, found that a mere 12% described themselves as being ‘fully engaged’ in their roles. 61% of workers feel they could ‘do their job in their sleep’ highlights the lack of motivation being felt across the UK workforce.

The research found that the lack of motivation being felt by the workforce is driving many to explore their alternatives. A shocking 50% of all employees admitted that they have researched alternative roles during working hours.

Two-thirds of workers admit they didn’t see themselves remaining in their current role to the end of 2018. 63% say that their friends and family have voiced their displeasure about how often they moan about their roles. Half of workers also admit they ‘dread’ being asked what they do for a living when they are out socialising.

David Clift, HR Director at totaljobs comments, ‘It is clear from this research that 2017 has been a gruelling year for millions of UK workers. 2018 promises to be another year of economic uncertainty, so employers need to be alive to the threat of losing their best talent.

Financial pressures may make considerable pay rises and promotions difficult to implement, but employers need to consider other ways that they can keep their workforce happy. Offering training, staff socials and other soft touches are ways that employers can keep their best and brightest within the business.

Business will face challenging conditions into 2018, so they need to be aware of the widespread dissatisfaction that appears to be present across the UK workforce. Recruitment is a real cost to any business, so businesses should do all they realistically can to maximise staff retention.’


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