Jobseekers want to pursue extra training to stand out from the crowd

Four in five (79%) would consider taking a course to improve their chances of securing a new role

In today’s difficult economic climate, jobseekers are keen to improve their employment prospects through further training, new research from reveals.

In a survey of over 8,000 jobseekers, nearly four in five (79 per cent) would consider taking a course to improve their chances of securing a new role. A further 79 per cent state that training courses are important to finding a job. Of these, 71 per cent think employers expect them to be more qualified than ever, while 68 per cent say there is more competition for job roles.

Two-thirds (67 per cent) believe that undertaking training courses is more important to career prospects now than five years ago.

John Salt, director at, said: “Clearly, there is a huge appetite for further training amongst today’s jobseekers. Our research shows that jobseekers are eager to stand out from the crowd in order to secure a job or progress further in their current role.

“There are many excellent courses available and training providers are increasingly offering evening classes and online courses so that people can fit learning around their busy lives. Business- and vocational courses are good options, but I’d encourage jobseekers to look into a range of courses. Even doing a class for leisure – creative arts classes and languages, for example – can help people learn new skills,build new networks and improve their confidence.”

According to the report, business skills are the most desirable, with half (49 per cent) of’s users stating that they would be interested in taking a course to improve their expertise in areas such as IT, finance, HR or project management. This is closely followed by vocational skills, with a third (34 per cent) saying they would like to learn a trade.

Jobseekers are also realistic about the need to be flexible in the current climate. More than four in five (86 per cent) of those surveyed said they would consider changing industry to improve their chances of getting a job and nearly all of those surveyed (96 per cent) would consider taking a further training course to help them switch sectors successfully.

Half (49 per cent) of jobseekers would choose to study online, rather than on campus or in a classroom., completed the survey of 8,276 jobseekers in March 2014.