Location, location, location: Research reveals home of the UK’s most positive workplace cultures

  • New study explores how workplace cultures are established and the impact on employee attitudes
  • Brighton the home of the UK’s most ‘cheerful’ and ethical staff, with people in Aberdeen the UK’s most ‘anxious’ workers
  • Research marks totaljobs’ integration of new culture fit platform Good&Co
  • App helps candidates understand their personality and the company cultures that suit them
  • To find out more: https://www.totaljobs.com/insidejob/revealed-how-personality-varies-across-the-uk/

TUESDAY 11TH SEPTEMBER 2018 – Most people across the UK will admit that they have good days and bad days. The stresses of the modern workplace mean that many of us will run a gauntlet of emotions at work, facing multiple challenges in a single day.

The mood of the workplace is often linked to how involved staff feel with senior management’s plans and whether there is a perception of a ‘them and us’ culture or if everyone believes they are pulling in the same direction.

New research published today suggests that employees in particular areas of the UK are more predisposed to feeling certain emotions based on the personalities of those with whom they spend their working day.

Released by Good&Co – a platform designed to provide insights into people’s personality and the companies where they’d best fit culturally – the research was done in collaboration with totaljobs and involved 9,607 employees across 26 major UK cities.

They found that people working in the Sussex seaside town of Brighton and Hove tend to have the most positive outlook when it comes to tackling their working day. Good&Co’s data showed that workers in Brighton ranked as both the most ‘cheerful’ and ‘ethical’ across the entire UK, ranking at 5% and 11% above the national average respectively.

However, it appears that the country’s true innovators can be found away from the South Coast. People in York were found to be the most ‘creatively inclined’ employees according to the data that formed the study, with workers from North Yorkshire scoring 22% above the national average.

The city of Reading, the UK home of multinationals such as Microsoft and Oracle, seems to be a hub of innovation. Residents of the Berkshire town are the most ‘imaginative’ and ‘competitive’ at work according to Good&Co’s data – ranking 10% and 20% higher than the national average respectively.

When it came to sheer energy, workers in the capital took the accolades. People making their career in Greater London 30% more likely to be keeping active compared to the national average. Whilst some cities will rightly be proud of their attractive characteristics; the news is not so good for some other areas of the country.

The research also highlighted the cities where the more negative character traits are most prevalent. For example, staff in Aberdeen are those most likely to be facing workplace anxiety, with workers in the city polled 26% above the national average for tendency to be anxious at work.

At the other end of the country, Bournemouth is home to the UK’s least cheerful workers, with employees in the Dorset town polling an average of 11% below the national average for cheerfulness.

Good&Co is a unique app offering personality tests for jobseekers, with a focus on culture fit. Based on decades of research, Good&Co aim to use the app’s Proprietary Psychometric Algorithm (PPA) to help match workers to roles, business and cultures to which they are most suited.

As of today, leading online jobs board totaljobs is integrating Good&Co into its recruiter platform. This development will offer recruiters to utilise Good&Co’s psychometric expertise to carry on building a cultural map of their business over time, as well as develop a desired personality type for prospective employees, enabling them to reinforce their established culture.

Kerry Schofield, Good&Co’s Chief Psychometrics Officer comments of the study: ‘We carried out this study to explore the nuances of the UK workforce. Our findings show that different areas of the country have a greater tendency to exhibit particular characteristics when tackling workplace tasks. Numerous studies have shown that creating a strong company culture is critical to both attracting and retaining the best talent out there.

We’d advise workers who are in the market for a new role to take advantage of Good&Co’s unique algorithm. Looking for a new role can be challenging, and we aim to minimise the chances of candidates making moves they may come to regret.’

Martin Talbot, Group Marketing Director at totaljobs comments, ‘Good&Co’s figures showcase just how much attitudes towards work and associated personality traits can vary on a city-to-city basis. Numerous studies have shown that strong company cultures and working relationships have a major positive impact when it comes to attracting and retaining talent.

We call on employees and management to work together to develop the best collaborative culture possible, one that can be a major asset when it comes to attracting the best and brightest to the organisation.

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